Run application with Custom Security Polices only ?


How can i run a specific application, NOT Sandboxed AND NOT Trusted ?

Or maybe the right question is:

If i create a Custom Computer Security Police (default - ask everything), shouldn’t have priority vs the Trusted Files policy?

See this example:

App: AA_v3.exe
First time i run it, it’s Sandboxed. Don’t work.

If i send it to Trusted Files, will work but i don’t know what is doing.

So, I create a CSP in D+ and in FW (ask all). Now, it asks permission for the internet connection. D+ is silent.

Next try: Remove it form Trusted Files, disable Sandbox and keep the “ask” policies; will ask for:

Explorer execute AA_v3.exe
AA_v3.exe modify protected regkey 1
AA_v3.exe modify protected regkey 2
AA_v3.exe modify protected regkey 3
AA_v3.exe access dns/rpc client
AA_v3.exe access protected interface
AA_v3.exe connect internet

How can i make this happen with specific apps without disable Sandbox ?