Run an executable/Ask? [Resolved]

Hiya folks,just wondering if anyone could let me know if what is happening is correct.
In Defence+ i have most applications set to “custom” with access rights for “run an executable” set to ask.
If i click on “modify” for “run an executable” a window appears with Allowed Applications and Blocked Applications.
Now a program like say easycleaner which i use has entries for C:WINDOWS\hh.exe(help host exe),from when i have accessed the help files.This is all fine,but if i delete all the entries in the Allowed Applications section and apply to close all windows(then double check to make sure there all gone) if i now open easycleaner and access the help files i don`t get a pop up asking if its ok,even though “run an executable” is set to ask ???

From reading the Comodo help section it gives the impression an alert should be generated but if i now go back to the Allowed Applications window from modify"run an executable" C:WINDOWS\hh.exe is back again.

Running Firewall Custom Policy Mode + Defence+ Train with Safe Mode

I`m probably just being a dumbass but any info would be much appreciated.

Nice 1 Matty

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Nice 1 Matty / riggers / Optimus Prime ;D, did it at least generate those balloon messages at the bottom right corner? If you repeat the above steps with another Defense+ mode like Paranoid Mode, is it the same?

Cheers Soya,sliding Defence+ up to Paranoid did the trick.This V3 is impressing me more and more the more i get to know it!!Very versatile,super secure,brilliant. :-TU

Thanks Matty

ps you definately get (:s*) (:s*) (:s*) (:s*) (:s*) in my book.

Cool, but only regular 5 stars? No blue or red ones? (:SAD)