rulsets are gone?

Hi! After latest update i don’t see any rule in rulesets window.So, I can’t choose set of rules for any new program that wants to go to interenet. How to bring back all rulsets?( for ex. rules for browsers,system app, skype, torrent, etc)Thanks.

You mean under the rulesets tab it is just blank now? thats weird. If you do not try a complete uninstall and reinstall (which I would do If I came across an issue such as this), I will be willing to post the factory rulesets for you if you would want to manually enter them and see if they would stick.

Yes, it is blank now.Can you tell me please ,where to save this file? I don’t like to inter manually each and every rule :slight_smile:

I’m not sure about that. What I was suggesting is, I was willing to snap some screen shots of each individual rule set for you If you wanted to manually create those rulesets. But like I said, If I had something like that happen to me, I’d probably opt for complete uninstall and reinstall.