Ruleset Help Needed?.

In order to optimise my Elite Dangerous gameplay broadband connection I am attempting to set up port forwarding through my Virgin Media Superhub. I have found a walkthrough on how to set up the Virgin Superhub Rule:
Start Port = 5100 End Port = 5100
Protocol = TCP&UDP
IP Address =

It all seems pretty straightforward but I am unsure of how the corresponding Comodo ruleset should be worded?. I have installed Comodo CIS v10 and my OS is Windows 7 Home Edition. I would appreciate a lot it if someone could point me to a thread or post on how to word such a ruleset. A few years back when I installed qBittorent I set up a port forwarding rule set for it in Comodo which I got at these forums. I imagine it would be very similar but don’t want to make a mess of things as at 67yrs old I am not as technically aware as you younger fellows who grew up with this stuff but am certainly not a vegetable either, YET.

Create an Allow In rule under the global rules section of the firewall settings. Set protocol to TCP or UDP direction to In then go to destination port tab and select a single port and type in 5100.

Thanks for the reply. I didn’t see this until a few minutes ago on checking my email. I went ahead yesterday and set a rule set the same as the one I have for qBittorrent with just the appropriate forwarding port number being different which is in one of the help forums here at Comodo. I played Elite Dangerous on two sessions earlier today and it connected okay both times and is working fine. When I checked in the CIS firewall application rules while ED was running it states it is connected via the rule for Elite Dangerous so I can’t see a reason not to leave it as it is. Again thanks for your reply.