Rules which are automatic created by V3 are not strictly enough

I found the rules which created by V3 are not solid.
For example, when a new application wants to connect to the Internet, and I put “allow + remember” in popup alert, the rule that created by Comodo is always “Allow Out From IP Any to IP Any Where protocol is Any.”
I think that rules which automatic created by comodo should be stricter.
Hope new version can improve that.

For stricter rules go to firewall settings/alert settings and set the slider to high. You can also try very high to see if you prefer that.

Thanks for your answer :slight_smile:
How about D+? Is it possible to force D+ to learn stricter rules? 88)

D+ learns the indvidual permissions for a program, unless you say “act as a …” so is already pretty restricted in its scope. Look at your custom policies under D+/Computer Security Policy, then go to edit/access rights to see what they look like. Should mostly be still “ask”.

The correlation between Alert settings and “strictness” of automatically created rules is not obvious. It should by mentioned in the help file.

I had considered this (weak automatically created rules) a bug until i found out accidentally its relation to the alert settings.

It was a surprise to most of us in the beginning. :wink: