Rules updates very slow

Hi, I’m trying to troubleshoot an issue I’ve had for a long time in Comodo. I think I might have created an account to ask before a long time ago, but I’m not sure… in any case, the issue I’m having is this:

Any time I do something that updates Firewall or HIPS rules e.g. purging the list, adding a rule manually, responding to an alert; Comodo itself takes a very long time to save the change, and hangs for ~10 seconds(only comodo and the program that triggered an alert, the rest of the system still runs normally.) This has persisted across multiple versions, multiple computers with totally different specs, and I’ve never been able to figure it out. It only rarely gets in the way, but it sure would be nice to go through alerts faster especially when installing a program without training mode on.

Does anyone know what can cause this or how to fix it?

The more rules you add the slower CIS becomes. That’s why they went with the trusted listed and safe mode for optimum defense vs speed.

We’re talking about dozens of firewall rules and maybe a couple hundred in HIPS- a normal, regularly purged list accumulated with regular use. That should not slow any program down this much. And I do operate in safe mode…

I am afraid so anything approaching 100 rules slows down any changes.

The reason why is where CIS stores it’s rules they are kept in the registry, and yes we have asked them numerous times about storing it as a secure file instead.


Obviously you are not using safe mode otherwise you wouldn’t have so many rules defined and you wouldn’t get alerts to allow or block. Rules are processed top to bottom so if you have a very large amount of rules it takes time for CIS to go throw each rule until the right rule is found for a given requested action.

Or using create rules for safe applications is checked. But yes, HIPS rules process the slowest.

I’ve got about 35 rules stored in a folder. I just tried to safe a rule in this folder:

  1. Export to… 2. clicked on to export 3. Immediatly I got the message: The configuration has been successfully exported.

Did you mean silent mode/“do not show popup alerts”? I absolutely do run in safe mode and I absolutely do get alerts- which is the expected behavior, I want to know when programs are doing something and what.

Should I not?


Did some more hunting myself. The “unrecognized files” list, which I’ve never touched before, had ballooned to 2400 entries, and bugged out so I had to try like ten times to get it to purge and actually save. Now everything is significantly faster.