Rules to prevent piggybacking?

Is it possible to create rules to stop computers apart from mine being able to connect to my wi-fi?

Thanks in advance.

I assume you have a router that gives you wi-fi that you connect to and you want to stop other computers from connecting to the wi-fi on that router? No local firewall on your computer can do that, you’ll need to use the firewall/functions on your router to do that, the best thing would be to set up a password, second thing would be mac filtering.

Sanya’s right on everything. While you’re at it, unless you have a reason not to, be sure to sure WPA security instead of WEP. WEP’s well known to be broken.

Password choice is important too. Lots of opinions on passwords, but everyone agrees that longer is better. My personal recommendation is at least 20 characters, even if the first 10 are all “x” or something. Just add that length. And personally, I’m more comfortable taping the password to the back of the router than I am trying to remember it. :slight_smile: