rules not remembered for processes whose path is not always available

I have used comodo firewall + defense+ for quite some time. Generally, I have been happy with it, but I noticed that I am actually quite tired that processes that are not in always existing paths (thumb drives, truecrypt volumes) keep on triggering Comodo Firewall prompts eventhough their path is the same as last time they were launched.

Let me explain this with one example:
you mount a Veracrypt volume always on V:\ and run a process V:\process.exe the first time this triggers Comodo Firewall and Defense+ prompt, as it’s supposed to. You click on remmeber choices so that next time running the process wont trigger the promt.
Then you either restart your computer, or probably simply unmount and mount the Veracrypt volume again as V:\ . Then you run process.exe and very annoyingly this will trigger Comodo Firewall prompt and force you to set up firewall rules again.

Is there a workaround?

A known bug with removable media will be fixed in upcoming CIS 10 release.

This does not seem to be a bug, but rather a security feature.
I realise that I am using an old version of CIS, and I wonder if newer versions have any option to somehow make CIS keep rules for processes that temporarily do not have path.

I am upgrading my hardware and installing software on a clean system. I do not want to install CIS if this is gonna behave the same way, and I do not want to test latest version on the clean system becuase, as you know, installing and uninstalling is not clean in the Windows world. So that’s why I would appreciate to know if anyone using the latest versions can replicate the annoyance described above.

It may have been in the past to not remember rules or av exclusions for file paths that are for network drives, removable drives, etc but version 8.4 should now remember rules and exclusions for file paths of non-local/non-fixed drives. If you are using the newest 8.4 and still experience this issue then you can wait for the next CIS10 stable release.

Thanks! I will give current version a try then