Rules not correctly working

When I delete all previous rules for a certain program and insert an allow rule for only certain ports, Comodo doesn’t allow them.
I tried to allow Tor’s destinationports 9030 and 9001 from any ip and from UDP &TCP and also BitComet port 1112 but still Comodo blocks them. (:SAD)
I am using the latest stable version of Comodo Firewall Pro 3 on WinXP.


Are you sure you have all the necessary rules to enable that traffic, both application and global rules? Inbound traffic may be blocked by your global rules, see the help file to understand how the CFP rules system works if you haven’t yet. Please post the rules you wrote for this program.

Hmm, I had a global rule saying that block all incoming requests. So why there was that cos if I want to allow some incoming requests for a certain program then I have to delete that rule or specify certain ports that are blocked?

Don’t delete it. Create the “allow” rules for the ports you want to receive connections on and place them before this blocking rule in the Global Rules list.

How do you explain that I have set Tor to be a Trusted application and I configured to allow connections for ports 9030 and 9001 in the global rules.
And latest CFP stable blocks those connections BUT the latest CFP beta allows Tor to work and I only configured to Tor be a Trusted application?
And I douple checked the settings and the uninstallation removed every setting that I made with the