Rules not being remembered, even when shutting down pc [Resolved]

Hi everyone,

Im very happy with my CFP, and have it completely up to date thatnks to the help on here, however, I am having a few little issues with it still which I can’t figure out. I have done a search, but not found anything relating to my issue.

My Defense+ does not remember my rules that I allow, and tick remember my answer. Each time I switch on my laptop, I have to allow at least 30 popups, and when I shut down my laptop, I have to again, allow processes to terminate. This can’t be right can it?

Im running Firefox, and Thunderbird for my emails, and each time I open these too, im asked over and over again to allow them, and each time, i allow, and tick remember my answer, but the rules are not remembered.

Am I missing something? Is there a tick box that i simply need to untick in my configurations?

Any help would be appreciated.


Ok, there must of been a bug, or conflict somewhere, as CFP crashed, but upon uninstalling, reinstalling, and restoring configurations, all is well and good.

Good you solved your problem. Thread will be closed now. If issue returns PM any online moderator to open.