Rules list search

Even though CIS has rules list search (ctrl+f), right now it pretty much requires you to enter complete path (or part of it starting from the drive letter).

Don’t you guys think it would be more useful if it just searched for whatever you entered in existing filepaths?

I mean let’s say you have a rule for D:\games\Half life 2\hl2.exe among hundread others and for whatever reason you need to change it…gotta find it first though. Right now you have to start typing exact path like D:\games\half … to find it, but what if you don’t know exact path? Wouldn’t it be better if you just typed hl2.exe and it jumped to the rules entry containing hl2.exe in the fie path? If there are several such entries (like if you type games) just press enter several times to cycle throu them.

So I think search system should be change to the one above, anyone agrees?

Moved to Wishlist board. :wink:

I agree 100%. In fact, I made a topic about the exact same thing and it was ignored but hopefully this issue gets more attention this time around.