rules in application monitor doesn't work

Hi (:NRD),

When I first started dc++ comodo asked me if I want to allow incomming and outgoing tcp/udp connections. I chose to allow them of course! But dc++ does not work for me anymore since installing comodo. I have to disable the network monitor to make dc++ work again.
The rule in application monitor say “Application: DCPlusPlus.exe destination: any port: any Protocol: TCP/UDP in/out permission: allow”. This rule clearly states that dcplusplus.exe can do what the heck it want! So why can’t it? :THNK
Need I add a rule to the network monitor also? If that’s the case then comodo is useless as I would have to add rules for every application on my system and I might as well remove the default “block all others” rule in network monitor making my comodo firewall as secure as a swiss cheese.

Please help me out here!

/ Johan (:WAV)

Hi johan_oern, welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

Have you read this tutorial DC++ and similar Direct connect clients tutorial


(:NRD) Thanks! :SMLR

Yes I did read the dc++ faq but it strikes me as incredibly odd that I should have to manually add rules in the network monitor when there already is a rule for dc++ in the application monitor which allows incomming and outgoing tcp/udp traffic. As I said - if I have to manually add rules for all applications that I want to use I might as well disable the default block rule in the network monitor.

If I didn’t know better I’d say this is a bug or design flaw or perhaps theres ■■■■ behind the keyboard? (:WIN).

/ Johan


I know it seems a little strange, but this is the way CFP works. Essentially, one opens ports through Network Monitor and then one allows individual applications to make use of those open ports. Hence the application rules.