Rules for Windows 10 Store Apps


I have an issue with the Firewall. I have it set to “Custom Ruleset” mode which allows me to grant/deny access to the internet as applications request access. This is how I’ve been using the firewall for many years and this is how I would like to continue to use the firewall. Unfortunately, with upgrading to Windows 10 about half a year ago, came a slight annoyance.

Every once in a while, the system Windows 10 Store apps update. By system, I mean the Store app itself, Mail and so on. Unfortunately, Microsoft (in their infinite wisdom…) decided to put the current app version number in the folder name. So whenever Store or one of the apps updates, the firewall thinks it’s a new app and asks me to grant access.

I have grown tired of doing this, so I’m asking is there any way to permanently grant access to those apps? So the firewall doesn’t care from which folder the app is running? Or maybe the rule would be: check if the app is running from the “C:\Program Files\WindowsApps” folder and if it’s made by Microsoft. Is it possible to do this or something similar?

Yes that is what the file group Metro store apps is for. When you create an application rule choose a file group and look for the Metro apps group.

Thank you for the reply futuretech, but I’m afraid that I can’t find the Metro store apps in the file group.

I open Firewall>Application Rules, click Add, select File Groups, but the option isn’t there.

The file group should exist as it is used for one of the default auto-containment rules for the Internet security config. Exact name is Metro Apps.

Sorry, it is not there. I went over the list 5 times and I can’t find it. I attached an image.

Ok yeah you must have kept or imported a config from an install on an older Windows version than 8. Because the group is default presented when installed on Windows 8 or newer. So you can just manually create the file group and add the windows store apps folder to the group and use it for the rule. See the help on how to create a new file group.

You are my hero futuretech. :BNC Thank you so much! It works perfectly.

And yes, I did upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7 so I guess that’s the reason the file group was missing.