Rules for Win7 Media Center + X360 extender?

I’m loving this new version of Comodo so far and I’ve run into one small thing - I’ve decided to set-up my X360 again as a media extender but I can’t seem to figure out how to allow this in the firewall. I’ve tried setting all the Media Center files as trusted but I still can’t get through.

Win7 Home Premium [64-bit]
Wired network through a Linksys router

What exactly does that mean “set-up my X360 again as a media extender”? How does it work? Is the Xbox acting as a media server?

im not very sure but try to enable the
“automatically detect new private networks” in general setting
then while the xbox is connectect a message should popup from comodo asking if you wan to share services to this network. i think this will make the “allow” for the media center

It needs incoming rules the easy way is to choose the second option in Stealth Ports Wizard and you will received alerts.

Or depending what gobal rules you have change the last one to log.