Rules for server applications?

Am I right in thinking that if I have an application that acts like a server I need to define the application rule to allow it to accept Inbound communications AND the Network Control Rule to allow the computer to get the connections?

I also read a How-To on one of the ofther froums here and it said that with the network rules Inbound rules are for connections not requested and the Outbound rules are for connections comming in that were requested. It seems a bit of a strange naming convention and definately confused me.

Would I then be correct that for Inbound rules the source is the other computer and destination is mine and for Outbound rules is this still the same or would the source be my computer and destination be the other one?

Thanks for your help. This seems like an amazing program but I have been using the same companies one for a long time now and I understand it atlot better at the moment.

Welcome to the forum.
If you have a IN rule you are the destination and if it’s a OUT rule you are the source.

If you have a server/P2P/Torrent program, you have to make a IN rule in network/application monitor for the listening port.

Remember that the rules in network monitor is read from the top to the bottom.

You should also check the “skip loopback… TCP/UDP” in security/advanced/misc

Go to the FAQ section in the firewall forum, and you will have answers on most questions. Please ask if you don’t find your answer.