Rules for portable: Operator and Tor

Hi everybody.
I have a littlre problem understanding these rules for OperaTor 3.5 ( that I found at the end of the welcome page ):
there aren’t source and destination port and address:

If needed, configure your firewall as follows:
add Tor rule #1
protocol: TCP
direction: outgoing
remote ports: 9001-9004, 9030-9033, 9100
add Tor rule #2
protocol: TCP
direction: incoming
remote host:
local port: 9050

The other question is portable tor that I treat as trusted application, but in this configuration Privoxy doesn’t connect to internet ( trusted app ).

Can anybody help me?

I have resolved with utorrent and emule I hope!

Try switching to learning mode and run the apps. After a few minutes, switch to the previous mode and check your network security policies and tweak as required.


Great idea,