Rules for DNS?

Hey all

The Internet Is DNS as of my knowledge in most places.
1)Can i create a rule for dns(53) to allow this app to this port/s and block everything to any/all app at a this time and allow after onwards. I want this rule coz In playing games the security applications are checking for updates and asking me for allow/deny and windows pops up while in interesting time in the game.

I hope you got my English Language Right as i am from Russia and don’t speak English well.

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There is (in our International boards) a Russian section. That might be more helpful for you if the language barrier is an issue; which I fully understand. The Russian boards are here:

As I understand your request, you would basically need to create some additional rules at the very top of the Network Monitor (position Rule ID 0, 1, and so on), so that they will be the first to filter traffic.

Starting in position Rule ID 0, you want a rule to Allow In/Out the type of traffic (Protocol, Port, IP address - whatever information you need) for your gaming. You may need multiple rules here to accommodate it. You will need to be very specific, especially on Port assignment, so that other applications won’t be allowed to connect Out using these same rules.

By default, there is a rule in Network Monitor set to Allow TCP/UDP Out Any Source/Destination IP/Port. You want this rule to be immediately below (the very next rule after) your custom gaming rules. Then when you get ready to game, Edit this rule and change the Allow to Block. When you are done gaming, change it back to Allow and you are all set again. The game rules will always stay there (be sure to put any additional rules not related to the gaming after/below this default TCP/UDP rule).

I hope that makes sense to you.



Thank You!