Rules don't work.

Hi, I’ve got Windows 7 x64 as host system and Windwos 2003 Server as a quest, running on Vmware in bridged mode. With disabled comodo Firewall everything works fine but when i turn firewall on i can’t connect to guest system using Microsoft managment studio and can’t acces http server (I can ping guest). I was trying to add application rules and global rules but without any results. Please give me some hints, suggestions how to configure filrewall.


The easiest way would be to set the firewall to “training” mode, you can do that in the firewall settings menu. This will set the firewall to let all connections from any applications (incoming and outgoing) to be sent through, however it will create rules while this is happening so when you enable it again, the firewall shouldn’t stop it next time. After running it and it working a couple times, go ahead an re-enable “safe mode”.

Let me know if this works,

In training mode i can’t connect too. I’ was trying trainingmode but no rules was added. It’s possible that vmware is main problem but when firewall is disabled everything works fine.

Could you do me a favor, and try to connect after a few tries (I know it doesn’t connect but still try) Then can you post a screenshot of your firewall events?
CIS > Firewall > Firewall Events

I’ve tried (in training mode) and nothing has happend. No events with ssms.exe in Event explorer.

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Could you confirm who’s IP is who? AND

It seems that you need to allow svchost.exe to communicate from 192 to

It’s blocking a DHCP port as well, So if you add a rule to svchost you should be able to communicate,

Best Solution is to add the two IP’s to a network zone and define that network zone as trusted so no other conflicts are made

Hope this helps
Jake is host ip address but i don’t who is address (some external ip?). Guest machine is in the same subnet ( I’ve added both ip to trusted zone but still nothing happens. I can ping both machines, browse them using windows network but can’t access via ssms, httm, remote desktop, visual studio debugger.