rules auto set to allow, some games hangs

Hi there, Simple example with NetworkIndicator.exe, I turned on paranoidal mode for defence+, going into Indicator settings first question from comodo about creating menu by right click on Indicator icon - “Allow and remember” I turned on option to autostart NetworkIndicator and get second question about that activity. Going into Defence+ settings, search for NetworkIndicator.exe - and what we see, all options allowed! amazing.
I added rules for some windows application (what allowed (by accident?) by default in comodo) it single rules for each app with policy" to ask user", always get cleaned to allow after first question about it or after rebooting

“Ask Window” bug, for example I started quake2 (no rule for it yet) and it was hang all system after comodo dialog appear in backgroud

Sorry for my poor english, but I hope all clear

Make sure that you made the setting well. You can accidently lower the “question rate, question depth, question kind”. For example, you can “automate” make rules for trusted files; you could get asked only once for “traffic”, you can get asked for ANY attempt of traffic etc.

Look through each window of the settings, and you will find points which could increase your control.

Note: Trainings mode will allow all (permanent) what is running at that time. Avoid to use it.

You could use one short moment the trainings mode, until the game has been loaded. (Trainings mode is valid for whole machine). DONT forget to disable it after the first loading!!!

NEVER use trainings mode for the firewall !!!

Or you can use this strategy in the link. You will have a predefined rule for defense+, and one for the firewall (FW is in custom mode) to run games without problems.;msg591084#msg591084