Rule search seems broken


These rules are excellent, great job! However since the WHM 11.48 update I’ve noticed something odd

Due to modruid2 incompatibilities I have disabled certain rules to prevent errors, these errors have now started to reoccur. I’ve tried searching for the offending rules but there are not found by the WHM plugin. In fact, it seems that a large number of rules are not visible via this interface once the group is opened. For example:

Bruteforce Group: 13 rules → 4 rules listed
Global → Generic Group: 17 rules → 12 rules listed

I’ve tried reinstalling but no luck. Any ideas?

Some rules are invisible via interface because they are the part of rule-chains. Could you us the rule IDs?

I couldn’t find any of these via a search


These rules are used for correct other rules work.
Do they produce errors? If yes, could you show us log-files?