Rule not remember on "unrecognized files"

We eval the comodo-firewall and it seems, that it’s a good product, but we have a strange behavior and we aren’t sure what we do wrong.

We have some applications that access to an oracle database. The database is located in the same subnet, but on a second server.
Now first time we start the application commodo say’s that an application like to access the internet (?!?). The application is an “unrecognized File”.
We add the application to the “trusted applications” and check “remember action”.
But now, when we start the application again the firewall asks again?!? The rule is correct save in the firewall, but doesn’t seem to work!

The Defense+ is disabled and permanent deactivated. All “Execution Control Settings” are disabled.
The only solution seems to be to add all applications to the “Trusted Files”, but this isn’t possible in our environment.

Is there a way to deactivate the check of “unrecognized Files”?

Not sure if I totally understand your situation.

CIS sees programs on mounted devices as inherently not secure. That is everything that is on a network drive, USB flash drive, USB hard drive, encrypted volume or other external device. It means that CIS will only remember the decision for the Windows session. After rebooting it will have forgotten the rule is there. The logic behind this is that these devices are not continuously monitored and can therefor not be trusted.

For what reason is it not possible to add a program to Trusted Files in your situation?

Thank you for the answer.

the problem is we are software developers and have many different projects and applications in our environment.

It’s not possible to add all the programs at there different locations.

best regards thomas