Rule is blocked but unable to stop the logging, please help

I have tried several forms of the same rule both in the global and non global sections to block the following:
Windows system file IGMP to … the program does in fact block this either with the rule or without but continues to log no matter what I do. I am trying to get the program to block but not log this rule but no matter what I do (the log box is unchecked) it still does not work. Please help

What application does the firewall log say is blocked? Where have you put the rule? Usually you need a rule under Windows Operating System:Block/IP/out/any/ . For outbound, application rules are applied before global rules.

It is a Windows System File but does not specify and it it trying to establish and IGMP from to When I make a global rule it does not work, it still is in the log. When I make a traditional network rule and put it at the top of the list it still does the same thing. The main thing that I am trying to do is to get it to stop logging the blocked connection and the box regarding logging is not checked. I have also tried a similar block with the same windows system file but this time it is a UDP from to and it does not work either, still shows up in the log. I believe both of these have to do with multicasting.

Are you using CFP3? When you say windows system file, do you mean it shows up as being from system? Or windows operating system? Or somewhere else? What list do you put it at the top of. Please look at the log and tell us what the log says under “application”. Can you post your log?-see attached format. And your rules for the application?

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