rule for app that starts in random folder

i’m using Comodo FW v8.1.0.4246 on Win7

i installed private internet VPN app. it writes a new copy of Ruby each time the app starts. it writes this new copy into a randomly named folder in the windows user temp folder.

i’m having the same issues as this poster at

via that forum link with its suggested fix, i created a new group and added the path with wildcards to the app but i’m still getting the OCRA popup error window when starting the app.

according to private internet access website this behaviour isn’t uncommon with some sec apps:

however, i don’t see in Comodo FW where i can just add an app “filename” along with wildcards. seems it wants and explicit path too.

any ideas how to tell comodo to allow this executable that starts in a different folder name each time?

Hi and welcome to the forum,

I created a video on this very program and issue some time ago and the video can be found HERE.

I would normally also write out the instructions in text however I sadly don’t have the time right now and I probably won’t until after the weekend, I’m sorry about that. I hope you find the necessary steps/information from the video, otherwise other members may be able to help you but if not then I can probably help out after the weekend, Good luck! :wink:

Edit: Please be aware that the video is for an older version of CIS and it is hence quite outdated when it comes to the Auto-Sandbox, so it may not be of use for you if you are using the Auto-Sandbox, but it can still be of use if you are using HIPS.

appreciate your reply. i will view your vid and see if i can make this work. if not, i’ll be back. :wink: thanks

that worked. a little diff in the exclusion dialogs but i found my way around. it now works. thanks