Rude Comodo Support Agent

Comodo Support Rep(10/22/09 18:52:35)
Comodo Support Rep(10/22/09 18:52:41)
How may I help you?
Jake(10/22/09 18:52:56)
Hi can you tune up my pc
Comodo Support Rep(10/22/09 18:53:20)
Do you want me to tune up your pc?
Jake(10/22/09 18:53:33)
yes please
Comodo Support Rep(10/22/09 18:53:56)
I will connect remotely to you pc so please allow the pop up

Remote connection started.

Comodo Support Rep(10/22/09 18:55:00)
firs I will create a system restore point
Jake(10/22/09 18:55:08)
Comodo Support Rep(10/22/09 18:55:12)
After that i will clean up the temporary folders
Jake(10/22/09 18:55:20)
Comodo Support Rep(10/22/09 18:55:36)
I will use clean disk to remove any files that are not in use
Jake(10/22/09 18:55:52)
Comodo Support Rep(10/22/09 18:56:11)
With the msconfig utilitary i will uncheck all the program that do not need to run on start up so the computer load faster at start up
Jake(10/22/09 18:56:18)
Comodo Support Rep(10/22/09 18:56:21)
I will check you virtual memory
Comodo Support Rep(10/22/09 18:56:28)
Comodo Support Rep(10/22/09 18:57:41)
do you have user account control activated?
Jake(10/22/09 18:58:21)
I think not sure I have not got any UAC messages but than again this is windows 7 so it may be different
Comodo Support Rep(10/22/09 18:58:30)
please click on the system protection tab
Jake(10/22/09 18:59:05)
ok, i will check uac if you want
Comodo Support Rep(10/22/09 18:59:09)
Jake(10/22/09 19:00:04)
i need to restart
Jake(10/22/09 19:00:17)
to complete the turn off of UAC
Comodo Support Rep(10/22/09 19:00:25)
i don’t think so
Comodo Support Rep(10/22/09 19:01:36)
Please press the create tab of system restore
Comodo Support Rep(10/22/09 19:01:48)
Jake(10/22/09 19:02:11)
I created a restore point as comodo
Comodo Support Rep (10/22/09 19:03:20)
do any messages of any kind appear?
Jake(10/22/09 19:03:34)
would you like me to restart and no, no messages appear
Comodo Support Rep (10/22/09 19:03:51)
There are two option
Jake(10/22/09 19:04:07)
Comodo Support Rep (10/22/09 19:04:08)
one is the restart and still i can not do any action on to the pc
Comodo Support Rep (10/22/09 19:04:22)
second one is to do what i tell you to do
Comodo Support Rep (10/22/09 19:04:26)
is that ok with you?

And the reson I wanted to restart is so the comodo rep can see because I disabled UAC like he asked.

Hi Jake,

Not that it’s any of my business as I’m just a volunteer here but it sounds like the Support Rep language isn’t native English, he should have formulated his questions better if you ask me.

Wondering why UAC should be turned off ?


Please give us more details so we can locate this chat session. What was the contact method you used to talk to the Representative, was it with a Subscriber ID or by IM chat?

it was with the comodo livepcsupport app. I used my subscription Id.

I have sent you a email.

And Ronny UAC needs disabled so that the comodo rep can see anything that UAC asks to confirm opening. For example opening msconfig you have to click continue and after you click it the rep may not be able to see it.

:-TU Okay thanks… i thought only the UAC prompt was in an other “secure window manager” and after that the application should be visible in the user context…