Is anyone else having issues connecting to rt.com ?
Has it gone the way of Press TV ? which got censored in the UK
I know rt.com is outspoken but I find if you watch Fox or the BBC then watch RT the truth is generally somewhere in the middle :slight_smile:
I have been unable to connect for over 24 hours using either a UK or Swiss IP

Yes can’t connect to RT.com as well. I’m in the UK no idea.

Working ok for me, im in the US

you can always use isup.me to see if a site is down.

"It’s just you. http://rt.com is up.

Check another site?"

LOL! That’s not the case :slight_smile:

No problems here either.

Ok rt.com is back
It appears the website had a face-lift
just a guess but I suspect this is what caused the problem