Just went to log in and was offered to open/save a jpg. Second time this has happened in a month. Far too paranoid to accept unexpected gifts (a ‘jpg’ may not be a jpg!) :wink:

Captured the evidence to ask what I’m missing by cancelling it. :-\

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With what browser is this happening? Can you check with other browser to see if the problem happens with other browsers too? It could be a server misconfiguration or a problem with your default browser’s settings/

Hi, again. Happened with IE9. Only other browser is Comodo Dragon, but I’m logging into this forum loads of times (not with problems!) and it has only happened twice so my settings don’t seem the issue.

I block pop-ups and also have a DENY execute lock in my user download folder’s permissions to make sure I get asked to download anything. I then ‘save as’ to my own download location. Only happening on this site BTW.

Could a random image get disconnected somehow from the site? Mind you, as you know from another thread, I don’t stop at jpg mysteries logging into the CIS forum. ;D

It happened to me too a few times randomly; not with this picture but with others posted by forum members. I use Dragon and I suspect it is a problem with Comodo forum server.


Weird! I wonder, is there a commonality between the way you both login?

Personally I enter my username, password, keep as time length “forever” and click on “login”. The invitation to download an image is not very frequent but happened sometimes. And I agree it is weird.

AFAIK, there isn’t an image called RSSfafa.jpg used by the forums. In fact, aside from the actual Comodo logo at the top of the page, most (and possibly all) forum images appear to be either PNG or GIF formats, excluding avatars and signature images.

When was the last time it happened?

Did you happen to browse to this page?;msg505634#msg505634

Kail, Eric and Ronny,

I don’t know if your questions are addressed to the OP or to me too. Nevertheless here are my answers :

Personally, it was nor that image that I was invited to download, but images posted by another member in a topic. It could have been an image of defense+ logs or rules of the FW for example.

It happened 4 or 5 times, the last one 2-3 weeks ago maybe.

Not when that happened.

Wow… exciting. :o

I usually opt for ‘DAY’ though it don’t really matter as I auto-clear everything when the browser shuts. Now using sandboxie too so guess it even less matters. I’d seen that thread about extensions, assuming the mention here is a reference to RSS feeds (given the jpeg name). I’ve no idea how RSS works as I’ve never used it. Maybe it includes jpgs? Anyway, I was logging in with IE9. I’ll go on just dismissing any offers.

Imagination was running wild about what the images might have been. :wink:

This can happen with firefox too.
You log in here, and then you get the window as if you had choosen something to download.
It happened more than 3 times for me. As far as i remember, they were all picture files.
As you can not see “attached things” while you are not logged in, you can not choose to download them. What chooses them to be ready for download before you logged in?

Unknown cause.

Steps taken to reproduce.
1)Be logged out of Comodo Forum and have all Forum pages closed. eg only have Google home page showing.
2)Clear browsing data.
3)Re-open browser and browse the topic holding the image from start page to end page within the same tab.
eg Bookmark this page and after re-opening browser go directly to this page followed by pages 2 & 3, then login when page 3 is reached.
4)When the final page is opened, then login.

I have found this to happen with an image from this topic if I follow the steps above also.

It has to be cookie related I would think, because if I start from Comodo forums home page then go to the other topics before login this doesn’t occur.

Would it be OK if I attempted to correct the problem in goodjohn1984’s post?

edit: Or I could try to reproduce it here (which I’m fairly sure that I can do).

It won’t bother me if you do.
Does it have something out of the ordinary?

edit: Or I could try to reproduce it here (which I'm fairly sure that I can do).
If you had time to try to reproduce it, that would be good just to make certain I am not the only one that can. Thanks.

No, it’s not really an out-of-the-ordinary thing.

I’ll try to reproduce it here first.

Please test it on this post (page).

Subject Image…

Does this reproduce it?

PS I don’t think it really matters if it’s reproduced multiple times or not, it either happens or it doesn’t. The key is viewing the page logged out & then logging in whilst on the page in question.

edit: image modified.

Well spotted captainsticks :-TU

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Thanks Radaghast, it is a bit wierd though.

Hi kail, It does reproduce on this page, without the need for clearing cookies etc.

Try it again. Is it fixed now?

Still getting the prompt here.