I have been trying to help out older women whose knowledge isn’t great when computers are involved but runs a very small business & needs to be secure on line.
At her home she runs a router a Linksys & the service provider is Time Warner road runner she’s using comodo 3 & of cause the hard firewall all show stealth ports.

However at her place of work 3 days ago she went wireless running a desk top & laptop Time Warner installed their router an unknown make on her equipment & set things up.
When she tested in shields up it was showing port 22 SSH is open red I told her to phone her providers & the man just said the ports were her concern & she should stealth them herself I find this unbelievable it is obvious the shields up first port of call is the hard firewall & not comodo I told her to speak with a level 3 tech guy & he just said don’t worry you are secure personally I think they have a direct link to her computer
Could this be the case & is there anyway comodo can stealth this port with rules.

They did give her software for the router but when she run it there were files there one saying installation she’s a bit frightened to play around with the router & having to phone them if she hits problems.

Any suggestions gratefully received thank you

She’s been switching from comodo 3 to 2.4 just to see if it made any difference to no avail

Comodo can’t stealth this port as it is inside the router. You should be able to disable this port from within the routers interface.

Ewen :slight_smile:

P.S> Very odd that their tech support would say that having port 22 open was OK.

Yes very strange showing port open & the tech guy’s deal with internet issues & routers level 3 is the highest first she did speak with a level 1 person & the attitude was the ports are your concern. My port 22 SSH is open but stealth with my router she’s explained to them that’s it’s the router that needs configuring but they keep saying it is safe & she should check her firewall just going around & around in circles road runners router doesn’t have a name she let them set it all up so she is covered because they don’t support other makes of router. & like said I don’t know what’s on the software they gave her.
Thanks for the reply.

Is there a model number on the bottom of the router?