Router Website Settings

Whenever I login to routers settings page it gives error, though refreshing the page solves the prob.

Why does the first try gives the error?

Attached is the screenshot

And this prob is there right from the very first version of CD to the latest.

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Not sure why this was moved to the DNS forum category…

Never seen this problem on DLink or Linksys routers. Or Speedstream modems for that matter.
Are you only getting this on that one particular Belkin router?
What is the Model # for the router?

A couple interesting things I noticed from your screen shot:

  • The ‘top bar’ is loaded, that tells me the page is using frames. And the default / index / frameset page loads correctly.
  • A 404 on the favicon.ico usually does not block then entire page from loading… I would expect that from a 404 error on the HTML page…

A clue maybe? ???

How about firmware updates for the router? Maybe there was an error in the built in HTML pages / log-in form handler code.

Maybe the router is ‘bad’? I’ve seen bad routers do all sorts of strange things.

Personally I believe hardware issues should be redirected to the appropriate manufacturer forum for more specific detailed help.

Does it make any difference if you disable Comodo DNS?

It doesn’t make any difference if Comodo DNS is disabled.

IE & FF works fine, only CD issue.

You’ve disabled Comodo DNS in Dragon too?

I have Comodo DNS only in CD.