Router Solicitation ?????

I do get this event logged every now and then and wondered whether needs to be blocked or allowed. With the default rules it’s being blocked.

ICMP Outgoing
From my computer to destination
Message:Router Solicitation

Stand alone computer running xp pro sp2
cpf with default rules

Searched thru forum and could not find anything on it. Seached thru google and got confused whether to allow/block. Could anyone enlighten me on this please. Why a stand alone computer connected to internet with a cable modem thru an ethernet adapter would send a router solicitation?



It is a multicast adress of the router. No need to worry about it.

Check here,5370.0.html

and for some info

OK, Thanks.

Thanks again Pandlouk,

Read thru that site but still confused as I do not have a router.

But as you said I won’t worry about it.

Is that OK to create a rule as shown below just to stop logs for this event?

Block ICMP Out Any Custom(Type=10,Code=0)
And uncheck show alerts.

Then I can allow it when I ever need it.