Router IP and Zones


I ran into a problem I thought I would not have.

How ever I think it is related to the secure zones that I or Comodo created. Do not know at the moment.
May be it is important whether you should or should not inlude the IP of your router ( in my case) into your secure LAN1 set.

Can you tell me please?

Is it insecure to include your routers IP in anyway?
Just for my stupidity but if something comes from outside it has to go through my router but would always retain its original IP, right?
It can not obtain the routers IP or so.

Therefore there could never be an attack (connection from the net) with my routers IP?

I am asking since I got these logs:

and my zones (notice that LAN starts with

Perhaps this is to do with Port Forwarding from your router? I don’t really understand it either, hopefully someone knowledgeable will visit this board soon.

When the logs report the requests are coming from your router they come from your router. When there are requests from an IP address on the internet the logs will show that IP address.

What router are you using?


I am using an AVM Fritzbox. Actually it is a Speedport (German Telekom with AVM firmware). The Model should be Firmware-Version 75.04.91.

And moreover, I have not rules for any portforwarding set up - only upnP settings are allowed.

What ever the reason is in my case am I right in believing that when I set up (as most of us do) a secure LAN for my ‘mini home lan’ that at least embraces one PC and the router should include the routers IP?
Or should it start with in my case ?

thank you

Oh God I am getting old and the biggest idiot on earth.

I asked the same question 3 years ago here! And we found the solution!

■■■■, I am stupid.

the source is a function called ‘parental control’ in my router. Switching this off and all activity on that port 14013 is gone.