router being blocked


I have always enabled “Enable anti-ARP spoofing” for the firewall and i have never had any problems. Recently i have noticed when i did a router restart, the firewall blocked access to the router giving me lots of network intrusions. Restarting my PC or unplugging the Ethernet cable will connect me to the router again, but just disabling anti-ARP spoofing will work.

I was just wanting to know why router access is being blocked with anti-ARP spoofing enabled?

Any help is much appreciated.

Thank you.

Probably because when the router restarts it uses ARP to locate the MAC address of your PC, I guess Anti-ARP-spoofing is seeing those legitimate ARP requests as spoofs and blocking them.

Unchecking the Anti-ARP-Spoof box doesn’t help because the router has probably given up trying to find you PC’s MAC address by then. Restarting the PC works probably because the PC then ARPs the router to find it’s MAC address.

IMO If you are behind a home router on your own private network you have little need of Anti-ARP-Spoofing. The chances of your ARP cache being polluted is vanishingly small I would have thought.

That is only true when connecting to the router wired as we can assume a home user know who connects by wire. But when there is a wireless signal things change of course.

The wireless signals will be (or should be) encrypted.

Wireless is a sitting duck and with disabling the ARP cache protection it would add a weak spot. I am responding because more often than not local networks are mixed rather than wired only (the latter might be the case with the situation of topic starter though).

OK, but I’d be interested to know whether it was ARP cache protection that was causing the OP’s problem. If it was then ARP cache protection is chucking the baby out with the bathwater, no?

I am also wondering if disabling and enabling the network adapter will do the same thing as replugging the network cable. Or if disabling ARP cache protection will also fix it. We might be looking at a bug.