Router and IP range

I have a D-Link DSL-502T ADSL modem/router. In the advanced section of the router tools it lists a valid IP range.

Do I use this IP range when setting up a Network Zone even if it contradicts what CPF lists as a valid IP range when i used the Network wizard?


Hi Paris,
You need to define your trusted network first. Click on Security>>>Tasks and select (it’s either add / edit / modify) Trusted Zone on the top half of the window. You can from there add your specific IP Address range then do the Add Trusted Network Wizard and select the one you just added.


Hi Eric,

Thanks for your response.

I had already defined the Network and a Trusted Zone when i installed CPF.

It was only tonight when I was fiddling router firewall settings I came across the listing for Valid IP range. The address listed differed from what I had configured so I made another Trusted Zone.

I removed the old Trusted Zone and rebooted with the new one. All seems to work fine it is just the differences in range and will I have troubles down the track?

Original Zone IP range -
New Zone IP range -

Is this OK?


I see… Normally CPF sets to trust to

Why don’t you just define your trusted zone as: - It doesn’t matter whether or not the range changes as between and is the entire range of your behind router IP address. Setting it to - doesn’t cover the address and should only go upto instead of what you have set as your maximum range. As long as the ip address is within this range then you shouldn’t have any problems.