Route all traffic through VPN

Has anyone configured the F/W to route all traffic thru a VPN ?
I am thinking about tunneling all my connections and wondered if anyone else has done this
What rules did you use ? any guides/tutorials ?

Probably the easiest way would be to use the ‘All Applications’ group, in a single rule, that routes everything over the VPN IP range and blocks everything else. However, if you try that, you’ll more than likely hit problems quite early on. Some considerations:

a. If you acquire and IP address from your ISP, via DHCP, you’ll have to make an exception for svchost.
b. If you share resources with any other devices on your network you’ll need to make exceptions
c. You’d need to make sure your VPN provide is able to route all traffic types.
d. If you play online games you may have problems connecting.

There are others but that should generate some discussion…

After a few attempts and a lot of head scratching I found this post in Air VPNS forum Windows & Comodo - Prevent leaks - How-To - AirVPN
I haven’t tried this yet, I have more time at the weekend so will then
If anyone tries this in the meantime or has any suggestions feedback would be awesome :-TU
I will update when I try this myself