You can now stay up to date with news, videos and many other goodies by following Round-The-Clock:

Facebook page: Facebook - log in or sign up
YouTube channel: ComodoRTC - YouTube

We’ll be posting there important announcements and tons of news (even progress of development and tests) and many other interesting things.

Please send feedback about the RTC FB - as always, your opinion is appreciated!

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Nice page I liked the page so I don’t miss anything important… good job guys. I hope you make sure there is a share button when you post so we are able to share posts with all the facebook people. :-TU

Thank you… good to know about the button!:slight_smile: We’ll fix this.

I am following it facebook! :slight_smile:


Button is working now and I see your followers are growing little by little.

Great page.

Hopefully we can expect more pictures and videos too! Nice!


I hope you still keep this going just as well for those of us who do not follow facebook


We’ll continue with forum too.

Saw a message that something was released today, not sure if it was a Beta Update or the Public release/

Sounds Very Very Interesting! Can you compare RoundTheClock with Comodo System Cleaner! Looking forward to the "Projected " Release the middle of next week!

Looks like a Payed Utility since oneline support is used to correct problems found,

Several would prefer not to use the online support, and I wonder aobut those that have Comodo Complere, could tie in Round the Clock.

Oh I really like the one word description “S m o o th”

Thank you for the comparison
Oh I just saw your message that it was the next beta,



RTC is the name of the suite. It will contain several Desktop Products. For now is just a name - the launchpad/suite main interface will appear later this year.

The product released yesterday is Comodo Cloud Scanner (details here:
Next week we’ll be releasing System Cleaner and Backup.

Did I miss it? I can not find a new version of CSC and it’s been 2 weeks.

you didnt miss it they had to postpone the release of csc and cb until mid september. idk why they had to do this.


You can never have enough QA, and I am more and more paranoid about it :). I am sorry we had to do this, but CB and CSC are already too complex apps to take QA lightly.

Thank you for understanding.