Rouge antivirus program circulating the net.

OMG i almost got this one i was searching the net i clicked on a site that said it had info about what i was searching for. and Firefox shrunk into a small window that said my computer was infected i new this wasn’t true. the name of the program it tried to give me was Antivirus 2009. i did a search on the net to find out upon install this program is nothing but a giant pice of mallware. thank god i immediately killed Firefox with process explorer or i could caught this. word of caution if you see this alert don’t click on it its a nasty trick. I did scan with mbam and superantispyware and they came up zero i got lucky all be careful.

Btw, XP Antivirus has changed it’s name to MS Antivirus so be careful and don’t download anything from M$ ;D

OH wow I think the only whey you can get it is by clicking on the thing if i’m not correct

thanks for the tip.


You don’t like it ? You get an AV for free and it uses almost no recources. On the bad side, it detected Opera as malware while it is itself malware ;D.

Well, just stay away from it …


(:LGH) very funny Xan don’t tell me you actually tried this thing out. i’m so glad i did not click that link that it showed in a small window.

So its moved on from 2008 to 2009 then.

This is probably the most common problem being posted on the help forums for removal this year.

Yup it’s changed names for the upcoming year 2009

LOL Most of us should know Microsoft would never provide a legit free anti virus ;D


Off Topic…

Of course microsoft would not give their best to us for free…


I did ;D, just for testing…