hi me is newish to pc so plse DNT blast me with 0010101 011101 010110 ETC plse i just want to knw why my rootkit test comes up with comodo as red which is a threat?? accordin to my security?
ive added a pic but i dnt knw if u will get it !!! like said newbish here ive added an capture of the details but i cant find them here!!! lmao progam used is RootKit Hook Analyzer 1.01 ok a few address 0xF58F33A…0xf758f242…0xF758FBB8…index is 31 46 50 (list)??? just dnt quite understand so if any1 can pm me in msn wolfie0075[ at ] an explain then cool an thanks i dnt really wanna start a topic but i just wanna knw thanks. really like ur firewall im usin it !!! an i tell u it is 100% leak proof EVERYTHIN on my pc HAS to ask if it can go out AND it does that!!!comodo just wont let it out even after 24 attempts!!!i really like the firewall EVEN WORKS BEAUTYFULLY WITH MY ROUTER!!!and i thankyou for it really do but my rootkit says ur a threat??? plse msn me i dnt wanna start a topic cause i wont reply…massive thanks in advance an thankyou comodo for the firewall it is VERY good but i have 1 point with it .read above plse.sry if i said somethin i shouldnt of like email addy etc. an thanks melih for ur speach on who is comodo really intrestin u took ur time i thought id give u a shout of thanks!!! (:CLP)

Hi, 000xe00eex000exxxxe00xe, :wink: Welcome to the forum!

Let me start off by saying this can happen with other securities as well. Some will detect others as a threat if not known or unknown hook. Comodo is probably not on their safe list or detected the change in the system and being unknown will bring this up as a threat. I would think that an e-mail to RootKit Hook Analyzer 1.01 , and getting them to put Comodo on the safe list may help. I may tackle that one, send an e-mail and let them know. Does it have a reporting base for such situations? I am not familiar with it. I wouldn’t say this is a problem so much as a misunderstanding right now.

Also if you need to post a screenshot look under the box where it says Additional Options…, click on it and it will expand. You can then browse for a file on your hard drive and post a pic that way :slight_smile:

If you still need to do so, please do post back here and no problem starting a topic, that’s how things get done! So no worries :slight_smile: I will e-mail them and see what’s going on as well. They may be able to throw it in the safe list.

Hope this helps,


UPDATE: I emailed them. Seems others have similar with trusted programs. We’ll see and hopefully get a resolution.


Just a note nvm, if you choose not to have your e-mail shown etc…it is not suggested putting your messenger\e-mail in the topic. You may get some unwanted company that way. If you don’t mind and show your e-mail, no problem! :wink:

hi an thanks for quick reply."Comodo is probably not on their safe list " think says it all!! lol opps thanks comicfan2000 didnt think of that one!! lmao *blushes!!! as for email not bothered if get weirdos it will probally make my day!!! (:LGH)but thanks again

You are more than welcome. :wink: If you aren’t bothered by wierdos, have you met Aowl yet? ;D As soon as I hear anything, I will let you know and post back here. :slight_smile: