Rootkit scan and protection

Hi every body Im the two faced guybecause i have a paid suscription whith another security product, but now im interested on comodo because my product have some bugs when i install Windows 8, especifcally the rootkit scaner on demand stops runing when i install the new Microsoft OS. That product uses bitdefender signatures like much products in the market, and I think "If my product dont perform rootkit scan, what another features dont work?"and I think too “If my product are based ond Bitdefendender signatures and dont work rootkit scan, another product based on this signatures dont perform properly scans to detect rootkits”. I tried too many products like panda, Norton, McAfee and avast, and i see several bugs in perfomance, and rootkit scan. I think that products are not ready to Windows 8 and my options to protect me reduces drastically. First I can install kaspersky (and spend too much money) who rootkit scan Works properly and dont have too many bug reports, I can use Windos defender because that dont have bugs because are made by the same company who make the OS, or Third I can use comodo who protects me by one year whitout issues. Evaluate my situation i think comodo are a good option, but i want to ask you only one thing:

How can i test the rootkit scaner Works fine on comodo?.

Excuse me if im a litle paranoic or nasty guy but please dont answer me

1.-" If the fullsystem scan and dont report errors your system are scaned againts rootkits" (Symantec Answer)
2.- Our products always scan againts all type of malware like rootkits, its not important if you can see it, I can guarante you or products do (Panda answer)
3.- Its not probable you will be infected by a root kit, but if you going infected we try to help you, its not important this feature Works or not. (bullguard, my product, answer)
4.- If you want rootkit protection you can use another tool (Mcafee)

Excuse me i dont worte mhy inquiry complete
If you can show me how test the rootkit protection and cersiore me personally it works properly i will be (agradecido) whith you thank you very much and it will be another evidence what comodo are the best option for windows 8 users

Let me take another angle; the angle of prevention.

With CIS an unknown file is not allowed to install a driver (rootkit is a driver) and will keep it at bay. Another layer of protection is added by the Buffer Overflow (or shellcode) protection. That will catch most of the exploits without using signatures.

Prevention is key with CIS. Defense + and the sandbox will limit what unknown programs can do and give malware a hard time getting in.

Hi friend, i hope dont be a nasty guy but i dont speak spanish, I understand your point and give me trust, I know comodo are very stric whith the firewall and defense plus seetings but dont have any way to see the rootkit scaner Works properly? how can i perform a stand alone rootkit análisis , I have another cuestions but i dont know if i can use McAfee site advisor whith comodo internet security to prevent me of malicious websites because whith comodo site inspector i need to wirte or copy paste the link what i want to check and its not practical to me. Thank you for the help

I’m not aware of any way to test whether a product is working besides to actually infect a test system with a rootkit and see if it can be removed. Let me see what I can find out.

Hi chiron, i only want to know or see if all comodo features (especially on demand and real time scaner and rootkit scaner) Works properly on Windows 8 because i fount too many incompatibilities in another suites and i can not navigate whitout worry, i know my computer are not infected because it dont have erratic behavior and is new have an boot scan whith McAfee and McAfee resque cd and i have a collection or cds or kaspersky gdata and panda and bitdefender and i pass one week scaning it affter the Windows 8 relese and after see bullguad rootkit scaner dont work, but you understand me, if this feature (rootkit scaner) dont work properly or fine in another products i dont trust in they and i cannot navigate free of worries, i can not download a file whith peace on mind, i only download movies and music, i dont go to untrust websites, i dont execute untrust files, im a good guy but im very angry whith they because dont give properly support to they products, they are like the video of comodo visión where the support team sleeps. I want to use comodo and buy it but before i want to know if it Works fine and have peace on mind, now i dont have money to buy comodo and because i ask this on the fórum and i want to know it Works fine before buy and send the others to the …
If you can test the on demand scan on Windows 8 and see if it removes rootkit infection i will trust and i be very thankful to you and have (let me say it on spanish) estaré agradecido por tu labor por demás desinteresada en ayudarme. Thanks for your help man and wait your answer.

You dont need to pay for the comodo program to test it. If you want some extra features, or if you decide to pay for the program (and getting the extra features), you can buy it.

The free version gives enough protection with prevention, and a reasonable antivirus for detection. It is not a reduced version in regards of antimalware protection.

I read in your texts that you tend to trust into an antivirus if it performs well.
Well, even the most perfect detection related antivirus can fail you! In the moment when it does not know what it should detect.
You are nearly never protected against all things out there by detection.

Website scanning, malware url blocking etc… all these things protect you against things that they KNOW.
If you want protection, you need to protect you against the undetected!

Comodo firewall, comodo defense+, an antivirus, a real sandbox like sandboxie for browsing, firefox add ons like no-script and adblock plus. This should protect you much better than the most perfect antivirus could do.
I never looked up a page before i looked at it. If somethings not ok, i would only have to close my browser, and everything returns to the state it had before i started browsing.
Its not as static as you might think: “Malware site” or “Clean site”.
Tomorrow you might visit a legit “Welcome to our good people church circle” page, and its made by the preacher of your town, and he wants people to be happy… and someone else inserted a malicious frame into that site.
You see? You would have to look ANY page up before visiting it. And you could never be sure if “Clean” or just “Undetected”. :o

If you expect to have to scan for rootkits (or scans in general), something is wrong with the concept.

You need to be aware about what you download for unrestricted installation. Only load from trusted sources. And auto deny everything else.

I use an antivirus to tell me when i have to make a reinstall. I got no infection. I use comodo to prevent infections. And to not waste time and resources for returning scans.

Comodo Internet Security should work very well in protecting your computer from almost all types of threats, and this is done regardless of whether you include the antivirus or not.

In terms of removing rootkits. If you have a system that is already infected I would not recommend using a single antimalware program to clean it. You should use multiple ones.

However, if protection against these types of threats (including rootkits) is what you’re looking for, CIS will definitely fit the bill for Windows 8.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.


Hi Chirios I know my system dont are infected because this a new computer and before run it i scan whit boot cds and with the boot antivirus included, as I say I dont do risk behavior like execute programs or anything like that. But when i upgrade to Windows 8 (i perform a clean instalation whith original ways) most antivirus products (except McAfee and avast) dont scan in search of rootkits on demand, I only want to see if comodo have one option on the interfaz on in the event logs where i can see if on demand análisis in search of rootkits Works fine one stadistic where says “files analized in search of rootkits” or any form to perform a stand alone análisis in search of rootkits to be secure if it Works (Excuse me if i dont express well but im native spanish). Another cuestión, can i use McAfee site advisor (antipishing tool from McAfee) or is compatible, to have a complete protection because comodo site advisor i dont want to coypaste links because is lts not conforable or practical. Thank you

I can confirm that CIS scans for rootkits on Windows 8. As far as I know everything it can do on Windows 7 it can do on Windows 8.

Do you think that ? i ask you this because another security products Works fine on Windows 7 but no on Windows 8

As far as I know there are no differences. If you experience anything which is not working correctly for Windows 8 please report it as a bug so the devs can fix it. It should be (and as far as I know it is) fully functional on Windows 8.

I think comodo Works well but i want the topic set it on in any chase anybody can show me if comodo Works fine (registris or event logs) and please tell me what about McAfee site avisor, is this compatible whith comodo?

Y u not test it? Its free :slight_smile:

I still wonder that you want to add a lot of things, yet you expect to get rootkits.

Why do you need a site expector?

If your antivirus lets a rootkit slip through, your site inspector could fail with his detection as well. And it would hit you with closed eyes.

To log in use only the original page. Its easy as that. Dont recycle passwords, use default deny and a sandbox.

You will save a lot of resources and you will be safe.