Rootkit Hook Analyza [Resolved]

(:AGY) I run Rootkit Hook Analyzer and it found twenty one files hooked the main files that were hooked are COMODO FIREWALL, could some please tell me how could that be? and could some one tell me how to get rid of them? I did run AVG ANTI SPYWARE AND ROOTKIT HOOKS REMOVER and it says comes up clean and says there is no ROOTKIT HOOKS, BUT THEY ARE STELL THERE, I CANNOT GET RID OF THEM I NEED HELP PLEASE

From the second paragraph of Rootkit Hook Analyzer’s web page:

[b]Are kernel hooks always bad ?[/b]

Kernel hooks are out of fashion these days and not officially documented and considered deprecated by Microsoft. The pioneering heroes of the old days who discovered how to actually implement them have all adopted the new fashion of advising against using kernel hooks as a programming practice. Often kernel hooks are unnecessary because there are documented ways which allow a programmer to achieve his goal. However in a lot of system tools such as monitoring and antivirus software, kernel hooks are the only available technique to get the difficult job done and thus an unavoidable necessary evil. Important is that if your kernel system services are hooked that you can find out which is the responsible software that makes use of these techniques. Inspired by all the discussions going on about the Sony CD protection rootkit, we have developed the RootKit Hook Analyzer.
In essence, not all kernel hooks are bad.

Rootkit Hook Analyzer displays all kernel hooks present on your system. Not everything it displays is bad. Comodo products (along with just about every firewall and AV product) make extensive use of kernel hooks as this is the only way they monitor at a sufficiently “low” level to ctach the bad things they are supposed to catch.

If you get rid of them, you will be stopping the firewall and/or AV from working.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Hi all! I just want to say thank you so very much for all your HELP with this problem. I can now breath a little easier. Thank you ladyday (:CLP)