Rootkit Failing to be Removed - HELP

Hi There

I often seem to have this result at the end of scans, but have left it untill now because i trust my
comodo too much :P0l however i cant help but want to get this issue resloved as i know how much
problems Rootkits can cause.

As per the attached image, those rootkits keep on failing to be removed or quarantine those files.

How do i correct this or manually sort these rootkits out?

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hi mediacpt

Welcome to the forums!
It seems CIS finds that these Key’s are ‘hidden’ to the system and flags them as ‘Rootkit’ because of that.
The trick is to find out what those classes are.

Can you search the registry on the string between the {} and see if anything turns up that might give a clue?

Some legit tools also cause results like this, so it might be a false-positive.