Now Comodo Mobile Security 2 will come with FW but I think it will be disabled by default as it needs root-access.

FW will automatically block unwanted internet connection so seems easy to use so I will try to use it when CMS 2 will be officially released.

What are the risk of root-access?

Why features that require root-access are not enabled by default?

I’d imagine that the features that require root-access aren’t enabled by default because android phones aren’t (at least usually they aren’t) rooted by default.

You will, as Seany007 say, loose your warranty if you root your phone. And not all phones can be rooted (I think all android phones can technically be rooted, just that people haven’t found ways to do this with some phone models yet, for example my first Generation Asus PadFone can’t be rooted at this point in time since (it could be if I had stayed at an older version but I updated and hence can’t root it.

I think it would be good if FW is an optional install as majority of users will not use it due to rooting, wot say?

I have briefly played around with CMS 2 twice now but unfortunately, couldn’t get the firewall part to work on both occasions :(. Oddly, like other SU apps I have installed, I wasn’t prompted for SU access when running CMS 2 (when enabling firewall). This may be a problem with my phone (not sure at the moment). Firewall part seems to allow all apps access by default and you need to deny access manually. Would prefer this the other way around or at least give you an option to choose (allow all or deny all). Looks good though but will wait for the released version before testing again.


one word: when rooting your device, you may “brick” your phone; it means your phone will not boot anymore or even power on.

I recently experienced the following…
CMS 2 firewall was given root access and I could see the firewall controls. I could toggle them as well. Turned off tablet, turned back on, went back into CMS 2 to access the firewall, and experienced the same thing Graham1 did. No SU prompt, just a long waiting period, then CMS complains about not having root access, click OK.

Here’s what I did to fix it…

  1. Clear SU app data
  2. Update SU app (if needed)
  3. Update SU binary (if needed)
  4. Reboot device
  5. Make sure SU command works in the Terminal Emulator and can be given root access (if not, you’ve got other problems, consult XDA - otherwise, continue below)
  6. Uninstall CMS
  7. Reinstall CMS
  8. Attempt to enter CMS firewall panel

SU now prompts for root access again and I can toggle controls with no problems. In fact, when I reboot my device and CMS loads again, SU reports giving access to the CMS firewall, which it did not do after the first install and reboot attempt. So there’s a clue to let you know the permissions actually “Stick”.

Hasn’t messed up again since, but I’ll let this forum know if it does in the future. I am unable to duplicate the conditions.

Device = Ematic eGlide XL Pro 2 running ICS (4.0.3)
Kernel = 3.0.8 + shen@compiler # 1
Build = EM4.0.1
Bootloader is in Chinese, so don’t ask…lol