Rollback within a 2008r2 domain causes security problems

Hey everyone,

i need your advice. i’ve set up a active directory on 2008r2 and installed time machine on the clients. after i roll back the systems and try to log on to the domain again, i get a problem with the domain trust (sorry, i didnt find the exact translation for “vertrauensstellung”). it says that the domain cannot be established with this station.
is there a problem with the 2k8-setup? i didnt found any other post where someone installed ctm on a domain, so forgive me if it isnt really a help request for ctm.

my steps:
installed clients
installed ctm
joined the domain
made some settings/changes on clients
baseline reset
made some changes
restored baseline
and then it begins… no logon to the domain allowed anymore

i dont know why the server doesnt accept the clients anymore, has anyone experienced the same problem or could think of a solution?

2008r2 server with pdc, dns, no dhcp
2x win7 64bit, dual-boot (different names)

This issue is not because of CTM, but because of the internal mechanism of Active Directory. You can get more details about it from MicroSoft:

And how to avoid this problem? In short, here is the entry for each of the workstations: