Role of cmdagent.exe [Solved]

win xp sp3
CIS only firewall ( without defense + and leak protection) is installed.
Avast 4.8 Home.

It has started happining frequntly ,

  • when you click on firewall GUi it says there is problem with defense run diagnostic.

  • On running Diagonstic every thing is OK recieved.

  • you can not find cmdagent in process by running taskmanager.

  • when you check services it is listed as Automatic and Started, however not present in task manager.

  • going to program folder and double clicking on it also does not starts it( ie appears in task manager)

  • This problem is solved if you reinstall the program but returns after sometimes.

  • error control for cmdagent.exe is (1)

  • i had run chkdsk to check for file system error nothing found.

Question is, is cmdagent really required for functioning of Firewall i.e if it is not starting can it be be safly ignored and we can be sure that firewall is working without any trouble.

As I have found that this service is failing to start frequntly

Any help from enlighted members is highly welcomed.

Thanks to every Body in Advance.




first unistall the comodo firewall then down load comodo system cleaner software from the following link , then run the comodo system cleaner , then install comodo firewall, then check it out and revert back, cmdagent.exe is very important for comodo firewall

Thanks murugankrishna24

I did as advised by you, So far proble has not reverted back.

Q: -I was having Comodo registry cleaner, Is Comodo Registry cleaner and system cleaner are same thing.



Hello Adi

No, Comodo System Cleaner is a Compiled Software full of utilities and tools (Autorun Manager, Registry Cleaner, Disk Cleaner, Privacy Cleaner, etc etc)
Where Registry Cleaner is just one single part of System Cleaner, or a component of CSC


Unfortunately I have to use the Comodo reg cleaner as CSC ver 1.1.6945.37 was giving C++ error .

however problem is solved .

I would like to thank everbody for their help.