Rogue Virus Testers Delude Consumers

Each consumer who [i]declines[/i] [u]renewing[/u] an antivirus [b]subscription[/b] is a win for the rogue testers.
Why should I paid for something that will not protect me in the first place? Or is this fearmongering? First Zone Labs, then Symnatec, now Kaspersky? Respect 0 points. Let the user decide or someone who actually knows what is good enough...
Kaspersky's Raiu says "I recommend sticking to established testing organizations such as Virus Bulletin, and AV-Comparatives or reputable magazines with a good history behind them".
Maybe.... But I would also look at youtube vid to see how a testing is done, what is being answered if there's a message from an AV, or I would test it by myself....

Comments, people?

If I was choosing a new AV (I don’t know why I would be, though…don’t care much for 'em) I would only care “half-way” what the big labs say. I’d rather just watch a video and read expert opinions…or just regular ones. I’d think avast! would be my next choice after Comodo.

I think the MOST important tester is the user him/herself!

They use these recommended products and then get infected…then they come to Comodo and they are infection free…

That is the ultimate test!


That is correct. Since using Comodo, I have been infection free and did not change to other suites.

I bet you’re seeing Comodo download/installation statistics rise daily :wink:

Since using Comodo, I have been infection free and did not change to other suites.
Well said :■■■■

watch this video we have just made…


This video is so full of win, facebooked! :-TU
I like drawings in the vid, awesome, and your voice is clear to understand.

This gets 10/10!

History huh? Then we should all move to norton/symantec? :smiley:
Even then they weren’t so well… I guess they were according the technology that was avail. at the time of production

But history is history, we learn from it; not try to improve the history That could be philosophical lol