Rogue software is in the "Trusted Software venders" list.

CleanmyPC software is in it but that is Rogue software.

Wow how did this one get missed!! I think this is the same company that has FinallyFast and a few others on tv. :o

You guys might want to do a re review of the software vendors you have in there.

I’d certainly not take a couple of user ratings on WOT as proof that this is rogue software.
In fact a check on the site using shows only the highly unreliable WOT flagging this up as dodgy.

CleanMypc is hosted on,Softpedia and Majorgeeks (not exactly disreputable portals).My gut instinct is that this is probably a safe product.

Hi cheater87,

We will investigate this issue. Thank you for bringing it to our attention!


Your welcome. :slight_smile:

Hello cheater87,

We checked the Vendor and his application (CleanMyPC Registry Cleaner 4.31 available for download at and did not find any malicious behavior.

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Hi cheater87,

We take utmost care while adding any entry into Trusted Vendor List. As pointed by Florin here;msg409110#msg409110, we have found it clean.

In case there is any aspect of vendor you found malicious, please let us know and we will be happy to investigate.


I found another which might be dangerous. Cyberdefender, URL void gave 3 warnings. WOT detected it along with Hphosts and Trend Micro Webprotection.

I removed cleanmypc from mine I have heard nothing but bad reports from people that have used that, It is the same company that has those late night commercials finallyfast and others.

Hi cheater87,

Can you please point to us the file or download website of the mentioned application?

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Google finds it, I won’t post a link here.

I dont think cyberdefender is malicious as it was reviewed by toptenreviews(its not good but as far as i know ir doesnt review roguewares).