Rogue Killer False Positive

I have just downloaded the most recent Comodo Internet Security free program from the Comodo website. It is fully updated on two different computers. However, when I attempt to download and use Rogue Killer on either computer, Comodo detects it as being .Heur.Suspicious[at]1. I used Softpedia to download the program. BEFORE I downloaded all new versions of the Comodo Internet Security, I had tried to use Rogue Killer and I had the same result. AFTER, I removed old versions of Comodo from my computers and installed the new verisons I continue to get the same false positive. I have used, and and get the same result.


For me is detected as: Suspicious@#2q2kmzz55ikp7

Hello guys,

This False Positive will be fixed soon.

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This is to inform you that false-positive has been fixed.
You can update to AV database Version <16894> of Comodo Internet Security Version<6.2.285401.2860> and confirm it.

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Thanks, it’s fixed.