rogue can connect to internet without advertising message

Rogue (sandboxing) can connect to the web without message of the firewall.

Tested on wmware player , seven 32 bits, with defaut settings.

Look the first line (winlogIn.exe)

This is a known bug but is a bug in the default (unsafe) configuration that comodo provides. :-TD
Seems that still they only care reduce the popups not protect the people.

There are 3 security levels for your choices during installation. What security level have you chosen?
I selected the highest security level (proactive?) during installation and Comodo only allow safe programs to connect to internet.

There is no such configuration in CIS4 (installer).

I use CIS 4 offline installer and that allows me to choose security level during installation.

It depends:
Those who install only the firewall will get a dialog to choose between three different profiles (probably this is what hkjoj did)
Those who install the full suite will get the “Internet Security” profile and corresponding "all applications "firewall rule.

CAV is stronger than the other popular AVs ??? I think it is more reasonable to allow users choose the profiles even for full suite installation.

CAV stronger than other AV’s? this must be a joke ;D

Everybody is convince that Comodo is the best AV but why they dont participate in AVComparatives, the next text will be like Melih wanted and comodo is not going to participate.

Comodo challenges the effectiveness of AVs in the past and prides the concept of default “deny” protection. It seems they are getting lost after the integration of AV into the sutie.

I probably because there still working on some new and for some improved features like the antirootkit module. Working on the anti-virus features is not a easy thing to do and it takes a lot of time. They got the firewall and HIPS to be top-notch. It will still be awhile before the anti-virus will be top-notch <—or at least close to it. Nobody can have great detection without great anti-virus features.

The problem is the default level of security of CIS, with D+ in paranoid mode, this rogues are correctly sandboxing. The firewall on custom policy and he make this job.

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