Rogue AV testers...

After reading this, what are your thoughts on this?
Shall we dismiss EVERY single test that is not part of AMTSO? Or just those that do bad practices?
I think that those that provide video like BluePoint or user prevention tests [like languy99] so that we can see what is going on at the time, versus text, paper, graphs and statistics…

Good reading but I don’t like the idea of the industry grade itself. We do need 3rd party and I mean good and ethical 3rd party to also grade the industry.

Totally agree… But, how do we know which ones are good and ethical and which ones are not?

As a layman, I would think that the one that practice good transparency is the one that most probably can be trusted. What do you all expert think?

When I saw the title I thought this was another thread about MRG.

Me too. ;D

Well, I did not put the names, but if you insist… >:-D