Rogue AV offering live tech support

Hm. Last time, I saw a rogue av that actually registered itself from free to the paid version. Now there’s this one that offers live tech support. Rogues are getting better and better aren’t they? ;D Weird though. How on earth did they get the customers’ phone numbers? How come there isn’t anyone tracking them either so they can be caught? Privacy? Fire with fire I say!

Anyway… here’s the deal. Do all antivirus programs detect rogues? If yes, then it’s all good. If not, which ones does?

I’ve seen topic like this from Kaspersky securelist blog too.

Technical Support – they’re not always the good guys (with video of the conversation too.)

It’s just chatting with bots and they’re understand and like to infect you with more threats too. :frowning:

You’re asking about Detection of Rogues ? Check this link > I was found it from twitter.