Robo anti-virus 2011.

Has anybody tried or even heard of robo anti-virus 2011…?

WOT’s rating

Yep i knew the WOT rating.
Waiting for someone to confirm whether it was bad or not.
I commented about it on the you-tube video of it and i was blocked.
Said it all really.

I found this video

It’s in French but the images are enough to understand and the reviewer seems to know his job. Robo caught not one single sample.

P.S sound is off in the first couple of minutes.

It looks like robo antivirus is quite new. They still don’t even have heuristics yet.

Link here for a test of the product.
Seems to do an amazing job.

And who created the video? :wink:
It’s still not a rogue, it just is currently new so WOT users pick on it’s current lack of quality.

the programmer himself created the video.

Well he doesn’t want to have a negative view on his own software this early. It’s more just a video to show how far the program has come.