Rising Pc doctor


Use it. O0

I think you missed the point. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes it’s legit. :slight_smile:

This program safe I’m using it with Rising Anti Virus.
It’s does not look like any security apps, It’s just a tool for repair system with spyware and trojan scanner.
Also some tweaker like temp file and privacy cleaner.

But I most like this software because It can immunized USB drive when you plug in.
By create a folder name “Autorun.inf” to protect autorun script virus.

It also helps keep software up to date ^^

Hi Kyle, how does it react side by side with full CIS installed, anything we ought to know?
Xman 8)

Just to let you know it doesn’t support 64bit :frowning:

Hey Xman, Unsure as I do not use CIS. I have not looked… But rising is quite a large company so I’d assume it would have a digital signature that comodo could recognize and add to it’s trusted vendors list.

Xman, its fine with cis and it is signed
Kyle, thanks, i like it a lot

Hi Kyle, I went as far as downloading it, but on reflection didn’t install, I ran both CCleaner registry cleaner and JV16 Powertools Lite and CCleaner gave me a no problems found and JV16 a perfect 100% for both PC Health and PC Registry, I read up on Rising and it seems to call home a little too often for my taste. I was in all fairness running Rising AV free before CIS came out, it isn’t bad, but I’ll pass on the “doctor” ;D
Xman 8)